"Prices of amber"

Amber, whose price may be different, different in many ways.

Amber, whose price may be different, different in many ways. Rare its variants are an order of magnitude more expensive than stone. Thus, infinity landscape, as a stone with inclusions can cost a lot of money. This is not ordinary stones. Landscape amber, for example, can contain the whole story thumbnails that at some fraction of fantasy in it is easy to discern.

If there are unusual inclusions in amber stone price is much higher than in their absence.

Cost of mineral depends on the size and the way of processing. Unsanded small stones are much cheaper than the larger the variety, polished by hand. There is a royal amber. It also costs a lot, because it means the rare white stone, which is a kind of value of natural amber treasures.


The price of amber depends on many factors.

1. Cost of raw materials. The price of raw amber is exponentially on the size of the pieces (fractions). Amber +11.5 mm fraction differs in value from amber 14 mm fraction of 1.7. And so on.

2. Processing depth. When processing amber lose weight. Piece weight is in the cubic dependence on the nominal size. If the nominal diameter piece is reduced by 2 times its weight reduced by 8 times. At deep processing including rejection stone loses up to 80% weight. That is, 1 kg of amber can be obtained from 200 g of finished product. The rest goes to waste.

3. Quality stone. The most expensive amber - landscape, and amber with inclusions. Amber containing a large animal (scorpion, lizard, etc.), can cost tens of thousands of dollars. But dnot worry, this exclusive in the world, you can count on the fingers.

Amber with inclusions, which we offer, are not exposed to high temperature, the DNA is not destroyed by insects. Stone has a natural shape, ground and polished.
Cost of stones with inclusions - from several dozen to several thousand euros. Depends on the size and rarity of the insect and weight of the stone.

See how looks untouched by processing stone, you can here.

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