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You buy exactly the thing you see on the image.
Placing an order, you get exactly the thing that is pictured.

All - in a single copy!
All the exhibited products exist in a single copy.

The range is constantly changing and being updated!
All offered products - handmade, executed by masters exclusively from natural amber.

Necklace In ancient times, was especially appreciated Baltic amber. Amber necklaces have gained great fam...

Bracelets Since ancient times, amber stone used as a powerful protective amulet. Amber bracelet protects f...

Pendants Pendant, widely distributed throughout the world. He was the first jewelry that humanity has yet...

Brooches Brooches are back in fashion just a couple of years ago, and are well established as one of the ...

Amber souvenirs Amber has mystical properties. So claimed in antiquity. People believed that this gift of nature...

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Pictures shown on the descriptions are made by camera, which means that colours can be a little bit different, depending from light and way how pictures was made.
Another case is colors on PC or Electronic Devices which you use, usual devices are not calibrated, and than you can have a little bit different color on different electronical devises.
Therefore, we cannot guarantee that each piece of amber will look exactly the same as on picture, can be changes, because amber change colors depending from light.

We wish you successful shopping.