Amber stone

Amber - a stone of the Sun.

AMBER - fossil resin, a waste product of trees Pinus succinieferra. Age of amber - 35-140 million years (Late Cretaceous to Neogene), but mostly it was formed in the Paleocene (50 million years ago).
However, studies have shown that the definition of "rock" is not suitable for amber. This amphora resin or, in other words, a fossilized tree sap of Pinus succinieferra trees. Amber is used in medicine. Its medicinal properties are due to its natural origin, the presence of a variety of useful features and components. Amber contains succinic acid invaluable. It is used for making various medicines and is a key component for the normal functioning of the human body. It contains many and various trace elements.
Amber Path marked emphasis man goes back centuries more than nine millennia. And it began with a mascot - picked up on the shore stone of unusual shape, slightly chipped, with grooves, sometimes with a hole. Ancient people had hoped that this weird, somehow warm, all radiant and attracts more light stone bring him good luck and health, ward off from him evil people. Over time, the belief in the miraculous powers of amber only strengthened, becoming a part of man's spiritual life.

The degree of transparency can be varied. Besides this stone is strikingly beautiful. Amber - a real treasure that is preserved for us our planet. On the Baltic Sea is located the biggest deposits of amber, so it is rightly called "the gold of the Baltic."

Unique pattern, noble color, clarity, color game, as well as ease of processing allowed amber already in the early era of human development to become one of the most popular gems. This beautiful and inimitable in its color palette stone. Honey-gold, brown, maroon, and even almost black, the colors and a variety of treatment options make amber jewelry is truly unique, suitable for any occasion.

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