Amber-Sun Stone

Amber - Sun stone, he is considered to be a magical, magical in all countries of the world!

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On our site you can expand your knowledge about amber, learn about its medicinal and magical properties, as well as a look inside the stones with inclusions.

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History of Amber Unique pattern, noble color, clarity, color game, as well as ease of processing allowed amber already in the early era of human development to become one of the most popular gems. This beautiful and inimitable in its color palette stone. Honey-gold, brown, maroon, and even almost black, the colors and a variety of treatment options make amber jewelry is truly unique, suitable for any occasion.

Magical and healing properties of amber Useful properties of amber have beneficial effects on the body by direct contact stone with human skin. Therefore used to manufacture a variety of products that can be used not only as decoration.

Prices of amber Cost of mineral depends on the size and the way of processing. Unsanded small stones are much cheaper than the larger the variety, polished by hand.

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